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The 2015 International Conference on Big Data
Applications and Services

Seogwipo KAL Hotel , Jeju Island, Korea

October 20th - 23th, 2015

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We welcome the 1st International Conference on Big Data Applications and Services (BigDAS 2015). The aim of BigDAS is to present the innovative results, encourage academic and industrial interaction, and promote collaborative research in big data applications and services worldwide.

The topics relevant to BigDAS 2015 include, but are not limited to:

· Big Data Architecture

- Cloud Computing for Big Data
- Big Data Open Platform
- Computing Platform for Big Data and IoT Services

· Big Data Management
- Big Data ETL (Collection and Integration)
- Big Data Storage and Management
- Big Data Quality, Privacy, Metadata, and Security
- Streaming data and Real-time analysis
- Complex Event Processing

· Advanced Analytics and Big Data Mining
- Multidimensional Analysis for Big Data
- Machine Learning based on Big Data
- Social Networks Analysis
- Visualization Analytics for Big Data

· IoT/Big Data Applications and Services (AS) for Enterprise, Government and Society
- Big Data and IoT AS for Business and Vertical Industries
- Big Data based Government Innovation
- Big Data for Finance, Marketing, Law, Education, Transportation, Telecommunication, Science and Engineering, Tourism, Culture and Humanities
- Big Data and IoT AS for Healthcare and Biomedical Applications - Big Data and IoT AS for Environment, Safety and Disaster
- Big Data and IoT AS for Smart Car, Smart Factory, Smart Building and City

· IoT/Big Data Standard and Governance

- Research and Development for Big Data and IoT Standard
- Big Data and IoT Governance




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